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West Ottawa Summer Construction

The construction has heated up in West Ottawa this summer!

At Lakewood Elementary our crews have been busy working to clear the school and demo the cabinets, ceilings, flooring, HVAC equipment, and light fixtures. Along with the Demo crew, the Masons have begun installing louver openings for new unit ventilators, the Painters have been in and out of the gymnasium already and are now working their way through the classrooms, and the Electricians are busy installing the new panels and piping to power the the new unit ventilators.

At Waukazoo Elementary, temporary fencing has been installed and site preparations for the new 2-classroom addition are underway. Furniture has been removed from the classrooms receiving new floor coverings, and ceiling has been removed as mechanical work is being done to replace the existing water main piping and to tie in to the new addition.

Thank you to all our teams working at these schools and more this summer! Stay tuned to see the completed transformations once the summer wraps up!

Lakewood Elementary

Waukazoo Elementary



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