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West Ottawa Public Schools Sheldon Woods Elementary


Size: 15,000 Sq Ft

Cost: $1.13 Million

Completion: August 2021


A new covered and secured entrance, sitework and a few interior improvements were completed at Sheldon Woods Elementary during the summer of 2021. The existing force main, septic system and drain field were removed and replaced with new. Flat work was also needed for this project as well.

The secured entrance included new storefront glass at the entrance into the administration office as well as new windows that give the school personnel better visibility to monitor those coming and going.

The interior renovations included the demo of the stage in the gymnasium that would be replaced with two new multi-user bathrooms. The teacher’s lounge and workroom were also updated and several classroom bathrooms received new casework. Lastly, new electronic door locks were installed on some existing doors to provide upgraded security.



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