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Schools Out For The Summer!

Classes are done, kids are gone, and our crews have moved in. Over the next 10 weeks, construction will ramp up as contractors move efficiently to complete their work before a new school year begins in August.

**At Brookwood Elementary, the gym addition will be completed, including the walkway between the existing school and the addition. A new playground will be built to be ready for busy hands and feet next year. The old gym will be transformed into the new full service kitchen and cafeteria complete with a walk in freezer/cooler addition and all new kitchen equipment.

**At the Freshman Campus, 2 new stair cases are being built to provide additional access to the second floor and a new security office is also being constructed. The second floor corridors and classroom are being overhauled, with the remaining ones on the first floor to be done next summer. The classrooms will receive new carpet as well as new casework. Door and window frames are being painted, as well as the classrooms and corridors.

**At Hamilton Elementary, a complete interior renovation will be happening over the next year, but for the summer the ceilings are being replaced, new low voltage cable is being installed and the whole school will be equipped with AC. There will be some new flooring and fresh painting done, but the bulk of the school will begin receiving the renovations starting in September and continuing through the new school year and summer.



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