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Safety First!

As the weather warms up, and construction crews everywhere get busier while trying to ensure deadlines are met, it is as important as always to take the time to ensure the job site is run safely. There is no deadline that is worth more than a LIFE.

Here are 3 simple reminders that take very little time, but can save a life-altering incident from occurring: 1. Walk the site each morning before starting your day to identify any potential hazards. When the day gets busy, slow down for 1 minute to re-evaluate the site. 2. Double check your mirrors and surroundings before operating heavy machinery. 3. Wear properly fitting PPE at all times (hard hat, hi-vis, closed-toed shoes, long pants, etc.)

Thank you to Ben Counelis, a safety consultant with Michigan Occupational Safety & Health Administration (MIOSHA), for walking our active construction site and consulting with our crew and our subcontractors on the importance of being actively involved in the proper safety measures in construction.

MIOSHA Construction Safety Consultation



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