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Local Teen's Eagle Project

The FWC team was honored to be asked by a local teen looking to complete his Eagle project. Jeremiah Rozema reached out to Fritz Jr. to ask for help in hanging 12 plaques at Holy Trinity Church in Comstock Park. In his search for a project, Jeremiah reached out to Fr. Chris at HTC and asked what would be something he could do for the church, and the plaques were the first thing that came to Fr. Chris’ mind. 

These 12 plaques, each representing one of the 12 Apostles, have been a staple feature on the exterior of the church for over 60 years. When the tornado of 1965 tore through they were relocated as part of the rebuild, and in 1998 some of them were taken down for the addition of the Narthex, but never put back up. So needless to say, being historical artifacts that have stood the test of time, the plaques were in desperate need of refinishing as well as a new layout designed to accommodate all 12 Apostles being represented in ranking order.

“When Fr. Chris told me about the plaques and showed them to me I knew this would be the perfect project to complete. My first step was to get the proposal approved and then to begin planning out each step of the entire process. I thought this was going to be a piece of cake, but I was wrong.” (J. Rozema)

Jeremiah took the plaques to have them professionally buffed and polished. Once finished, he coated them with a protective finish to seal them from all weather types. He also had name plates created for each plaque to show which Apostle was being represented. Once those steps were completed, he reached out to FWC for assistance in hanging the plaques to complete the project.

Hanging the plaques seemed to be the toughest part as getting the spacing correct, drilling new holes and ensuring that the anchor bolts were secured took some time and some work! Mike (FWC) and Jeremiah worked together to finish the job and hang all 12 plaques and name plates.

“Now that the project itself is complete, hopefully I can finish up all of my paperwork and get my Eagle Scout ranking.”

Thank you, Jeremiah, for including us in your project and congratulations on your achievement! We wish you all the best as a newly ranked Eagle Scout! 



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