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Kentwood Public Schools Hamilton Elementary School


Size: 1,000 Sq Ft

Cost: $20,000

Completion: October 2021


In 2021, an upgrade to the faculty lounge and a reworking of the faculty workroom to accommodate new offices was completed at Hamilton Elementary in the Kentwood Public School District. The lounge project included a complete redesign to provide a more user friendly space for staff lunches and gatherings. This redesign called for new flooring as well as new paint throughout. The old casework was removed and replaced with new and a second door was added to the lounge to allow direct access from the administration offices. Lastly, a new furniture package was designed to allow for multiple seating options in both the lounge and the workroom. The workroom also now holds 3 new office cubicles. These upgrades give new life and ease of use for the school’s faculty and staff.



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