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Kentwood Public Schools Explorer Elementary Classroom Addition


Size: 14,424 Sq Ft

Cost: $4.1 Million

Completion: August 2019


To meet the increased enrollment numbers that the Kentwood Public Schools were met with in 2019, 2 new classroom wing additions were added on to Explorer Elementary for a total of 8 new classrooms.

This project started with some extensive sitework, which included expanding the current parking lot and the parent drop-off/pick-up lanes as well as preparing the grounds for the classroom additions. Because of the parking lot expansion, there was a need to also increase the size of the retention pond and the fencing around it for student safety. New playground equipment was also installed to accommodate the increase in enrollment.

The classroom additions were constructed with CMU/brick veneer and metal pitched trusses to support a metal roof all while matching the existing building’s exterior look. Several windows were included in the plans to add natural light to each classroom. State of the art learning equipment, casework and furniture were also installed to ensure an optimal learning environment for the students.



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