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Kentwood Public Schools EKHS Cafeteria Renovation


Size: 11,200 Sq Ft

Cost: $540,000

Completion: August 2021


The East Kentwood Freshman Campus in the Kentwood Public School District received a complete upgrade and remodel to the school’s cafeteria. This project began in 2020 and was completed before students returned to class in the fall of 2021. The existing ceiling, lighting grid, and sound baffles were removed and replaced with new equipment. Along with the new overhead look, the walls were painted a fresh white to brighten the space and ensure an inviting environment.

The cafeteria renovation also called for new seating and table options for the students to collaborate with friends and eat at. This included booth seating as well as high top tables and stools that overlook the windows to the outside. With technology being a large part of the students lives, several power options were installed around the seating areas for them to charge their devices while eating their lunch.

In addition to cafeteria use during the school days, the space accommodates several evening activities and events throughout the year. A new sound system was installed and the stage was remodeled to include all new technology to help make presenting and performing easily manageable by all who use it.

*The next phase of this project will be the addition of two new staircases for more accessible entry to the cafeteria from the second floor of the school. These areas will also have soft collaborative seating, along with several power options for the students, faculty and guests who will occupy the space



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