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Kentwood Public Schools EKFC - Phase I


Size: 55,134 Sq Ft

Cost: $1.4M

Completion: August 2022 + TBD


Phase I of renovations at the East Kentwood Freshman Campus was completed in August 2022. This $1.4M project was broken up into 2 phases with the first adding stair cases, a security office and renovating the 2nd floor and the second renovating the classrooms and corridors on the main floor.

As part of this Phase I, the biggest part of the project was adding 2 new staircases for easier access to the second level. Because of these floor plan changes, fire rated door ways had to be created on the second floor to comply with fire codes. At the bottom of the stair cases is now a commons area for the students and staff to gather throughout the day. New furniture was added for them to use in these areas.

This phase also included cosmetic renovations of the hallways and classrooms on the second level. New carpet was installed, the walls were painted and new classroom furniture was put in to complete these renovations.

Lastly, as part of this first half of the project, a new Security Office was created from an existing storage down the main corridor for better monitoring of the school building.

Phase II will begin in June 2023.



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