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Kentwood Public Schools Brookwood Elementary - Gym & Kitchen Addition


Size: 13,458 Sq Ft

Cost: $4.5M

Completion: October 2022


Following the completion of Phase I of the renovations at Brookwood Elementary, in 2021 the first dirt was moved to expand the school's footprint with a new 7,300 sq ft gym addition, and a 500 sq ft kitchen addition. Additionally, 5,664 sq ft of the existing building was renovated to accommodate the additions and the changes to the floor plan.

The gym was the final piece to officially open in October of 2022 completing the final phase of renovations.

This project boasts a brand new Gym, along with new bathrooms and 4 meeting rooms/offices that sit in the corridor connecting the existing building to the gym. The school's playground layout was reworked to include some new equipment and the hard surfaces were redone to provide a safer and cleaner area.

The existing gym was renovated into a cafeteria and a 500 sq ft kitchen was added to make Brookwood a full food service provider. The kitchen is now complete with a walk in freezer, proper prep spaces and a serving line to ensure each child has access to daily meals while at school. The cafeteria will not only be a space for the students to eat together, but with its audio and video capabilities, it will be a meeting place for many events in the future.



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