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Happy November!

Happy November!!

FWC is hosting a "Thanks-Giving Food Drive" from November 1-20!

Our goal is to receive 500lbs of donations. If we meet the goal, FWC will match that amount to double the donations given to Feeding America West Michigan in time for the holidays!

Feeding America sees their greatest time of need during the next 2 months as they strive to ensure that no one goes hungry during the Holidays!

As a fun challenge between our employees, this food drive is a competition between Project Managers/Executives and their job sites!

Winner gets cider and donuts delivered to their job site, Loser wins a pumpkin pie in the face!

We would LOVE your participation! You can drop off donations to our office and choose which job site, or which PM/Executive (Wes, Lance, Tom, Mike, Fritz III, Fritz JR) you want it to go towards!

See the attached flyer for more details, drop off times and please share the post to spread the word!

Check back on Thursdays to see the progress!

Thanks-Giving Food Drive



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