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East Kentwood High School Secure Entrance


Size: 1,300 Sq Ft

Cost: $110,000

Completion: August 2019


In August of 2019 a new secure entrance at East Kentwood High School was completed just in time for the new school year to begin. The plans created a distinct designation of a main entrance to securely monitor the flow of visitor traffic in and out of the building. A large security desk was built with custom casework for KPS safety staff to meet and greet visitors as well as monitor students behavior in the halls.

A new walk off rug was added along with replacing some broken tile in the existing foyer. Custom metal work was also installed to separate the entrance and exit doors and a new ceiling grid was installed on the exterior overhang. The secure entrance and security desk not only get used during the school days, but they also serve as a kiosk during after school events.



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