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Congratulations! Alaina Lancaster

We want to send out a special congratulations to Alaina Lancaster, a recent graduate of Kentwood Public Schools and 2023 recipient of the “Fritz Wahlfield Construction Scholarship”! Alaina aspires to be a Carpenter journeyman. She completed a construction program through Kent Career Tech Center where she got to learn and see all that goes into building a home.

“Alaina is a dedicated, fun, confident and personable young lady who is eager to make her mark in this profession” (Jim Swoboda - President of Kentwood Public Schools Education Foundation)

Alaina - We are so proud to hear of your hard work and dedication in reaching and excelling towards your goals! We cannot wait to see all that you accomplish in the future and how you pave the way for other aspiring students, especially women, to be successful in the construction industry!

2023 Fritz Wahlfield Construction Scholarship



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